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Andrea Micarelli and I have realized a search engine to find repository aptoide for android.
Repo-Finder is very simple to use: you have to specify the name of app that you are looking for and it give you a list of repositories that contain this app. We have realized a desktop version, a mobile version, an app for android and a widget for blogger if they want to made search direcly from their blog from sidebar.
Here you can find more information, screenshot and video about Repofinder:


You can use Repo-Finder also to search repository for Cydia (Iphone), repository APT for Ubuntu, and for Linux Mint (soon Debian).
If you want to change distribution click on "change distribution" , made your choise and then search your app, package or program.

If you want you can give me a feedback so i can improve repo-finder.
If you want you can collaborate with this project.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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