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Hey -Have had my PDN for a couple of days now - flashed to 7/24, installed google experience, rooted et all.So far - I'm quite impressed... (time to ditch my old maemo based nokia tablets - which are linux based also) however, there seem to be apps that apparently need the network access to come from the gsm/gprs side rather than wifi.Case in point - Opentable... It installs, loads and logs me in with my creds, but then no queries return (ie find a local restaurant). Queries to get a list of different cities come back - but again no details return on subqueries.In the case of IMDB (on of my fav - Iphone apps) it installs, loads - but NO queries return.In the case of flightstats - I can get flight info, but graphics never come back...Suppose the app programmers are just going to an absolute apn instead of 'any'?
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