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This is based off of the 3/11 and 3/21 firmware.

Since I haven't really seen too many people mention this, I thought I'd start out by listing some apps (mostly emulators) I've tried out so far that just aren't useful right now because they require at least two-point touch, and for me at least, my mid doesn't seem to currently support that (even though it's in the booklet).

These are:

1. Nesoid, Snesoid, Gensoid, and any other console emu. You can move around 'or' press a button, but a vast majority of these games require you to move 'while' pressing a button to do something, like run and jump, or press a direction and a button for a special move, etc.
2. UAE4droid (it didn't seem to respond to ANY button presses).
3. Meganoid (requires movement while jumping).

Pretty much ANY multi- or twin-touch app is going to be a hassle right now, I've found.

Some games that just black screen immediately:

1. Caligo Chaser
2. Zenonia 1
3. Dungeon Hunters
4. Reckless Racing

Some games/emulators that do work:
1. Zenonia 2 (works fine as long as you remember to stop moving when you want to attack).
2. Meganoid (needs at least twintouch working to be playable, though)
3. Radiant HD (only need to move left and right so this game works perfectly).
4. Pinball Deluxe (works perfectly)
5. Pool Master Pro (lags a little when rotating the cue, otherwise it works great)
6. Pinball Ride (works perfectly)
7. SCUMMVM (works great for the most part, some pops in the audio).
8. GoTetris (works fine).

Some regular applications that work:
1. XMP for android (works 100%)
2. RockPlayer (works 100%)
3. Root Explorer (works 100%)
4. TasKiller (works 100%)
5. Better Keyboard 8 (works 100%)
6. Audiomanager (works 10)%)
7. Aldiko Premium (works 100% and was the only pdf reader I've found so far that does everything I wanted, including color inversion for night/day reading, re-orienting the screen for different page widths, custom font support and resizing, and viewing scanned pdfs as well as keeping bookmarks).
8. Battery Booster (works 100%, not sure if it improves the battery life at all, though).
9. DolphinHD (works 100%)

Apps I couldn't use or didn't work:
1. RepliGoReader (it's locked to the internal memory directory so I couldn't make it find my pdfs on my external sdhc)
2. AnDrawing (just a black screen)

Strictly speaking, I seem to have better luck with applications than games right now, which is okay since 75% of the reason I bought my mid was for music and reading. The other 25% was for emulators, so hopefully they'll turn out a firmware that makes the lcd work as advertised so I can at least play the simpler games that require two touch points. It's either that or use my tablet keyboard.

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Get a C8 for playing emulators. Of course with multi-touch it is much better, but also the size and shape of the C8 make it perfect imo for emulators.

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On the whole, I'm very happy with my MID816 Herotab as I only bought it for ebook reading (Chess book PDF's mostly).
I bought and installed 'Shredder Chess' and the free 'SCID on the Go' database.... both work very well although maybe I need to recalibrate the screen, because I notice that a finger press can sometimes miss the square targeted. Seems to be off on the low side so that I need to press a bit lower to hit the square I want.
Also have imported my extensive epub book library to the the external SD card and can access them from Aldiko (ebook reader) with no problem. I also notice that Aldiko renders the PDF image file a lot better and refreshes faster than even Adobe Reader for some reason.
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