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[APK] - Tasselhof Auto Installer - Script

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Hello All,

In this post is a basic .BAT script.


Download Link: - Tasselhof-APK-AutoInstaller.rar

Alternate Link: - Tasselhof-APK-AutoInstaller.rar

This is an extremely simple and straightforward script.
The basic purpose is to install multiple .APK files using the command: adb install (filename)
I decided to create this to make my custom image creation process even faster.

Extract the folder to ANY location you wish. (it is self contained)

Connect your tablet using the OTG port (normal procedure)
Copy in any and all .APK files you wish to install to the folder !Tasselhof-APK-AutoInstaller
Run !APK Auto Install Script.bat

Watch the magic happen


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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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