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Apad vs. HTC Hero

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Can someone break down for me how fast / responsive the Apad is vs a smartphone like the HTC Hero? I have tested some of the apps that I want to use on the Apad with my phone and they run great, can I expect the same results from the Apad or better / worse? I would think it has to work as well as a phone right? Anyone have a nuts and bolts spec comparison? Thanks.
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Here is my Benchmark (1.0.3) data comparing the aPad/iRobot (Android 1.5/RK2808) and the HTC Hero (Android 2.1/Qualcom). Every test was running twice, both devices w/o any radio running (aPad WiFi off, Hero in Flightmode):aPad/iRobot:unknown sdkDemo rockchip/sdkDemo/sdkDemo/:1.5/CUPCAKE/eng.root.20100512.140303:eng/test-keysProcessor ARM926EJ-S rev 5 (v5l) Linux BogoMIPS 299.00Memory RAM 124656 Memory SWAP 65528GraphicsTotal graphics score: 102.96309Draw opacity bitmap: 49.20294 MPixels per secDraw transparent bitmap: 13.773002 MPixels per secCPU WhetstoneTotal CPU score: 183.32668MWIPS DP: 12.767316 MWIPS(DP)MWIPS SP: 14.160294 MWIPS(SP)MFLOPS DP: 2.3026505 MFLOPS(DP)MFLOPS SP: 3.2151775 MFLOPS(SP)VAX MIPS DP: 9.080337 VAX MIPS(DP)VAX MIPS SP: 9.41182 VAX MIPS(SP)MemoryTotal memory score: 152.26755Copy memory: 138.36215 Mb/secFilesystemTotal file system score: 34.866337Creating 1000 empty files: 2.752 secDeleting 1000 empty files: 1.394 secWrite 1M into file: 24.691359 M/secRead 1M from file: 45.454544 sM/secSD card perfomanceCreating 250 empty files: 10.256 secDeleting 250 empty files: 7.612 secWrite 1M into file: 23.529411 M/secRead 1M from file: 81.30081 sM/sec----------------------------------------------------------------HTC Hero:HTC HTC Hero htc_wwe/htc_hero/hero/hero:2.1-update1/ERE27/3.32.405.1_191507:user/release-keysProcessor ARMv6-compatible processor rev 2 (v6l) Linux BogoMIPS 526.25Memory RAM 195676 Memory SWAP 0GraphicsTotal graphics score: 124.32992Draw opacity bitmap: 58.77594 MPixels per secDraw transparent bitmap: 17.26873 MPixels per secCPU WhetstoneTotal CPU score: 157.49217MWIPS DP: 11.171936 MWIPS(DP)MWIPS SP: 11.991126 MWIPS(SP)MFLOPS DP: 2.3300886 MFLOPS(DP)MFLOPS SP: 2.7862875 MFLOPS(SP)VAX MIPS DP: 7.665182 VAX MIPS(DP)VAX MIPS SP: 7.814806 VAX MIPS(SP)MemoryTotal memory score: 139.81187Copy memory: 127.04395 Mb/secFilesystemTotal file system score: 20.521112Creating 1000 empty files: 26.312 secDeleting 1000 empty files: 15.085;secWrite 1M into file: 0.46910915 M/secRead 1M from file: 40.816326 sM/secSD card perfomanceCreating 250 empty files: 17.912 secDeleting 250 empty files: 20.928 secWrite 1M into file: 15.552099 M/secRead 1M from file: 68.49315 sM/sec----------------------------------------------------------------Seems that the ARM v5 value has to be doubled, and the v6 not...
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The Hero is the best smartphone i ever had (and even better with 2.1), and there where a bunch of, like the p910i (Symbian), glofiish x800 (WM) and Nokia 7650 (Symbian). Also it is crafted very well, almost 1 year usage w/o any case and still no single scratch there.
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