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Apad vs. HTC Hero

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Can someone break down for me how fast / responsive the Apad is vs a smartphone like the HTC Hero? I have tested some of the apps that I want to use on the Apad with my phone and they run great, can I expect the same results from the Apad or better / worse? I would think it has to work as well as a phone right? Anyone have a nuts and bolts spec comparison? Thanks.
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Hi to everyone, I think the APAD is comparable to the G1 but not to the HERO, the HERO is more powerful and has much more RAM memory, mine for example, I have it overclocked to 691mhz and it works flawless, here my tests:HERO LINPACK test: 4.423 MFLOPS (1.22 sec) APAD LINPACK test: 2.128 MFLOPS (2.55 sec)Sent from my EzHero using Tapatalk
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