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Apad versus ZT-180... consensus ?

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Hey-Just trying to shift the research torment onto the forum and give my head/eyes a break (grin)So, I'm deciding between the Apad Rockchip 8GB Aluminum 7" model (Android 1.5) and the new ePad ZT-180 2GB 10" (Android 2.1, yes, it will be Android).Besides the obvious 10" vs 7" and 256mb vs 128mb..... that's not too comparable really when you consider how each cpu etc... handles the memory and such (I mean 1.5 will use 128mb as well as 2.1 would use 256)I'm Wondering.... What are the Benefits/Weakness of picking one over the other as far as Performance, Wifi/Web Usability, Video Ability, Battery Life, Longevity (that is, that it would pass away too soon)?I see as many pluses to a 7" screen as I do a 10", and likewise weaknesses. Might never need more than Android 1.5, but maybe 2.1 simply makes the experience so much better?I do like the 10" has full size USB, which I can plug a micro usb reader into for 16gb more memory. As well as use the built in reader. But then the 7" has 8GB built in and a reader, so...It's for REGULAR Nightly Use in my case. For Web Research and email, and Chat, as well as Movie watching (especially of the power goes out... it is the eastcoast afterall.)Anywhoot... got a vouple days to wait til my pay comes, so thought i'd drop this to you all.Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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hmmm im in the same boat as you with this, just got tax return back more than enough to grab a ZT, will look on with earnest and see what others say. Have been using the 7inch for ereading and checking emails and it does a grand job of that. havent watched movies as still trying to work out how to convert dvd to watch on it.
Why not try out the new aPad version that just recently came out with the Telechips CPU in it? It wouldn't be quite as fast as the ZT-180's processor but it would still be very speedy for most purposes.
I suppose its a choice between the Orphan G88 3G Android 2.1 with Telechips CPU, or the Orphan M16 with Cortex A8 and Android 2.1 Kinda covers all the bases
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none of these Telechip 7" units that have 1 Full Size USB, 1 mini and HDMI have the G-Sensor. The suppliers all told the stores yes, apparently, but when the sellers have actualy checked the units for me... none had a G-Sensor (no auto rotation, no game movement by moving the pad)ahhhhhhhit looked so perfect !
Definelty the ZT-180, It is a much more refined product and just better all around, heres a review for it The FlatPad from Flat Computing is the same product?
there is a 10" Rockchip version that was mentioned in another thread, its on ebay, you might be able to msg the seller and see if it has full size usb
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