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I'm from the Netherlands. Someone gave me an Apad? which had problems with calibrating touch screen. Could not fix this (even not with mouse attached). Flashed the os with RKAndroidDM which looked well but after flashing screen comes up very slowly with a complete white screen. tried all available images but no avail!!! Think i need a batch 1 image but cannot find it. My Apad looks like an apple Ipad1 Even has printing on back Designed by apple in California Assembled in China Model A1337.
charges 5V Red Led no camera, 6 oval airholes at bottom 3left 3 right Apple connector in centre. Runs Android 1.5. Attached picture.

Can anybody help me with:

A) identify batch version and brand/type
supply an image which actually works!!!

Would really appreciate some help from you experts!!!!! Greetings from the Netherlands!


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