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apad root

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Dear AllHow are you,I have apad with Android 1.5I need to make it support other languge (Arabic).the problem i need to replace some fonts on the system.but i don't know how to access the root .I can't replace the system file.this is the method :-copy from hereFeatures:-Allow the system to read Arabic characters.-Does not cost you your data. No wipe is needed.Requirements:-Root!!!Steps: -Get Root!!!-Download from Downloads page-Extract file, rename folder to "fonts", and place it on your sdcard (Home Directory)-open Terminal and write:sumount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /systemchmod 4755 /system/fonts/*cp -rf /sdcard/fonts/* /system/fonts/wait your help.Regards
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[quote name='xaueious;7604]Get adb working' date=' then you can do those shell commands using adb shell. Fonts go into a folder on your sdcard according to those commands.[/QUOTE'] DearI try that already ,but it say system file read only , i don't have access to make changesso for that i ask for ROOTDo you have other way.Thanks
[quote name='ZilverZurfarn;7806]If I try to rearrange the commands to be entered' date=' I get this - The idea is to copy the fonts from SD to /system/fonts which wont work, as /system is readonly regardless of root or not. Only way to do it is to add the fonts to a /system image, and flash it to your pad. (Which again makes me wish for /system on a writable file system.)[/QUOTE'] HelloYou are right , i think like you say , but now i need to check the imgfile which pro can open it and rezip it again , then update my pad with it.i will let you know if i sucessregards
Yes you are right , i try to modify the img , but can't , it's not opening , i try many software , but it's encrypted .so , need to try other way of modify the boot img.thank u
xaueious;8184 said:
That means we need to modify init.rc in boot.imgBut we have not been able to modify boot.img because there's some sort of CRC on it.
xaueious;8051 said:
Wait I'm confused now. So you can't push to the /system partition at all? This wasn't what I thought. The system partition should be writable somehow. Did you try adb remount?
yes , but the same , not successful.most of the method on the internet i try lcukthanks 4 trying
rogerbraun;12838 said:
You don't need to change boot.img just to add some fonts. In the hybrid rom thread there is a post by me how to modify the system.img. You can just change the fonts there.
RogerCould you put the link here and share the info , plz
zxzxa;12845 said:
can any one add Arabic Font to the img
it seems it need a magick to add arabic FontsLet me try the way you sayWill install ubnto in VM and try
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