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APAD ROM (Red led, 5v) running alla program of internal storage

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Hello there,I know this is possible. Can any of you ROM makers produce a ROM that have all data on the internal storage chip instead of the 128MB memory?This will make the apad super fast and with no limitations on how many programs are installed.Since the latest Metal apad with upp to 16GB internal storage that can act in fact as 16GB memory, there should be no limitation on what can be done on this pad.Any one up to the task?Post suggestions and solution and ROMS here please.Thanks!:cool:
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Sorry, but do you have any idea what you are talking about?...
The best part of this is the first part.. "I know this is possible." I think you may be getting confused with the ram and hd space... but the answer to whatever the question is... is no
Im glade I gave you a good laugh!What i meant to say was that why not use the sd card or the internal storage (2-16GB) as memory instead of the 128mb as currently. The interna storage speed is not that much slower than the ddr memory.So again..Can anyone do this? OR Can anyone make a ROM with no apps at all and then use the app2SD solution.Please let me know what can be done.Also> We need to get VOIP going in program such as Fring and Nimbuzz. Currently not working.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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