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aPad or ePad (or something else)?

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What is your suggestion for a newbie, which tablet to buy in sub-200$ category: aPad or ePad (or something else)?Point of view- hardware (processor, etc) quality- quality of used materials (outer hardware parts), assembling- original and LAST firmware-mod quality (os/services/apps/MARKET functionality/usability)- manufacturer/maker support, future developments (if any)- community supportforgot something?(sorry for my non-native English)
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Pros/cons for aPad/ePad, please. Thanks.With my post I try to help people who plan to buy some tablet these days, and reduced the selection for models aPad (~150$+) or ePad (~120$+).So: forgetting the official product description, in REALITY how are these functioning (with last firmware-mod) for common (tablet) tasks: audio/video/ebook viewing, internet browsing (including community sites, main news portals, youtube, twitter, etc), emailing, chatting. What about real battery uptime, android market, international language support, how typical the faulty wifi, missing camera, etc?
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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