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apad has arrived but some problems help needed!

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my apad has arrived and i cant get youtube to play full screen and can only get the mobile version of yt cant i get regular youtube?.the touchscreen is responsive but when i tried to type a message on amazon forum was a nightmare and had to give up. and im frequently mis typing thou i think stylus /mouse would solve this. also i want to watch online video which are the best supported sites as most i try require adobe flash.also my psp micro sd card wont fit/work which im really dissapointed about which card will?and the apps i have tried most dont work like the comic book viewer just get blank screen?sound from apps is also really poor.would greatly appreciate any help guys feel free to add me im new lol
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Psp uses a memory stick proprietary to sony. You need a micro sd card. You should also download skyfire browser off of the android market, that will convert flash videos (like on youtube etc.) into something playable within the browser. Works very well.
thanks sessiz.why cant i get normal youtube webpage tho also what sites will play video like music vids etc. netflix is working out the box
apad doesn't support flash so any flash site including the regular youtube won't work. You can get flash videos to work by using skyfire browser though but i think it does this by converting the videos to a playable format.not a whole lot of portable devices play flash content, ipad included.... if the apad every gets upgraded to 2.xx it will play flash but i doubt that will happen and it would probably be quite slow as well
yeah well i got yt 2 play via skyfire although things feel clunky nd not fullscreen lol typing messages on portait is nigh impossible compared 2 landscape which is really good
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