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Apad E7001 Blue LED update on wifi issue

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Hi this is Philip from here to give you an update on the wifi issue for the Blue led adap e7001. First we like to reconfirm we only ship RED led Apads since we were notified of the issue.Update from the factory goes like this1. Blue Led apad should eventually become the New norm as they have upgraded internals2. They confirmed that the WIFI issue is related to Hardware so all Blue Led apads have to be returned for repair3. All our customers who got some from us approx 10-15, please contact us, so that we can send you replacement units, we will ship the RED ones to you. please contact us via email or give us a call4.We will be sending a Blue LED unit to Willo Admin of the slatedroif forum, with the new WIFI hardware which should be the fixed version, so that the community can start developing firmware for those as they should become standard in the future according to the factory. 5.Thank you for your patience and lets all work together to make this community better for all of
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Pretty much all new Android tablets coming out of the factories for the past few weeks use blue LEDS, for quite a few different models. Looking forward to the detailed info on the problem.*So are you saying it's only the batch that Merimobiles have?
Oh great, I ordered my blue led from a different site, oh well hopefully wifi works.
I guess it won't. As Philip states, this is a hardware problem with the wifi unit inside."We will be sending a Blue LED unit to Willo Admin of the slatedroid forum, with the new WIFI hardware"My seller in china confirmed this week something similar. Short story: I had bought 20 units for co-workers and fronted the cash, but those are on its way back to China as i wrote in the other thread.At that point, no firmware existed that worked, i got into a 'sort of' fight with people on this board claiming it did work, but i had not seen any proof myself. So, the unit Willo would recieve: This would be a new sample Blue led PCB with changes in the hardware, to fixi the Wifi problem. My seller offered to send a new unit to me as soon as they were ready., so i could test as well. (Offcourse he preferred to send me one unit, instead of 20 of those, just to be sure everything is in working order and ending up with lots of shipping back & front again.)I don't see why this thread is not front-page news. I'll alert an admin and see what happens
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Just too clear things up, issues have been fixed see (it was frontpage news )
No the device that Willo would receive would be the Blue Apad that others have gotten shipped to them. It would not help Willo to resolve the firmware issue if the unit he got was different from the other ones. But as Willo stated above this issue has been resolved. Also if you check the rogerbraun link I think he has even made a modded version of the blue firmware.
I must have gotten (part of?) the bad batch then. My seller clearly stated it was a hardware issue, like Philip seems to confirm.
I guess Asure still not believe that all my blue apad WIFI is work, lol.Some photo is not enough , you need another photo ?I hope you will get better Bluepad right away sir. If i were you i will ask full refund for that trouble you have and wont use that supplier anymore, since your supplier didn't check the unit before shipping to you.Right now i am using the rogerbraun ROM.Btw right now the 7" with telechip and 3D is about $150 for sample on aliexpress. i guess soon we should move to the next android Pad.
Hi Ryan,I'm sure believe your your Blue edition works, like i wrote, the pads i got, must have been a bad batch. Not like yours, i've seen the picture in the other thread now, it seems to work fine.Perhaps 'Maafkan saya!' would be appropriate :)The Telechips pad would work out really well for the entire scene. There's a lot of custom stuff possible, making it a great pad for freaks & tweakers
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