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i don't have mine yet either, but from what I readadb worksroms are not built from source, they are a mashup of the archos 7 home tablet and the current released firmware. modifications have been done with apktool for anything that requires it like the rotation and full screen issues. issues include the microphone being completely useless, and the camera being useless for most apps. no source code is available for the device, nor are we expecting the manufacturer to release anything anytime soon. kernel source most likely has to come from archos, who make the a7ht. then we can adapt drivers maybe. it comes with cupcake running on an older kernel (2.6.25) than cupcake is supposed to have. seems to be common amongst rk2808 deviecscramfs system and boot, so no direct modification to those partitions except before they are flashedboot.img needs to be cracked because there's a crc preventing us from modifying it. so we can't modify the ramdisk. data partition does not have a lot of space partitioned to be available, but I think we need to get at the boot.img to manage some of that. system does not need crc, so it is easy to modify. sdk is available for flashing individual roms to the devicedevice is compatible with rk2808 roms, so archos 7 home tablet and ramos w7 bits can be used
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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