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I wanted to create a thread to discuss impressions of the AOKP ROM ported to the Onda vi40 by Christian Troy. Per this thread a vi40 compatibility file was created to port both CM9 and AOKP ROMs (based on ICS) to the vi40 Elite.

Files neccessary

*Note you will need the ClockWorkMod (CWM) files loaded onto the root of the internal SD card. More information regarding CWM files and installation of it can be found here.

Instructions are below. Files needed: 1.) latest AOKP build (20120708), 2.) the latest Gapps (4/29/2012) and 3.) vi40 compatibility file (v1.2)


* Upload zips to MicroSD or internal memory.
* Boot into CWM keeping pressed VOL- (MENU) and POWER for 3 secs, than release POWER and after another sec release VOL- (or use Novo7 tools if it doesn't work for your device)
* Select "wipe data/factory reset"
* Select "install zip from sdcard" -> "choose zip from sdcard" (or "choose zip from internal sdcard" if your files are into internal memory) and flash, in this order, rom / gapps / compatibility zip
* Now go back, and select "Reboot system now"
* Enjoy AOKP

Note: when you update to a newer build you don't need to do a full wipe, you just have to wipe cache and dalvik cache

The ROM installed without a hitch. The Changelog and the official thread for the AOKP ROM support can be found here. This is the latest version of the AOKP ROM (Milestone 6).

Note: This ROM does not incorporate the soft volume button on the navigation bar which is necessary for the vi40 since we have no physical volume buttons. A temporary workaround for this problem is to Install the "Volume in Notification" app mentioned by STEVE MARS which places "Up" "Down" and "Mute" icons on your Notification bar for instant access to volume levels. Volume icons in the navigation bar will be available in future builds.


In terms of performance I would say this ROM is on par with CM9. It's benefits are in its customization of your navigation/notification bars and the lock screen. It also incorporates even built in CPU overclockers and governers.. Battery life is still an issue but there is a thread discussing tweaking options in the post below. I will update this thread as new builds are available. All in all, I perfer this ROM over the CM9 ROM for it's customization without loss of performance. That may change as CM10 (JB version of CyanogenMod) matures.


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