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Anyone kind enought to help me?

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Hi everybody. I'm glad that i found this android forum full of support, great people and i must say this is my first thread. My 10.1 inch Rockchip 2808 Android 1.5 is on the way and i want to upgrade the firmware when i'll get it. I want to know where can i find the program(flash tool) if i have the img to upgrade my firmware. If i have the image from here i'll also need for a flashing tool(program) rifht? What combination of buttons do i have to press allong with the steps to make my epad seen on my desktop pc. I want to ask all of you who has this device if the upgrade is better then the stock firmware?? Will i still have acces to the Android Market?Thank's in advance.Daniel
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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