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Anyone install new firmware S10_07_18k yet ?

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Has anyone installed the 07_18 firmware yet ? Does the hack still work ? Any problems ?
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yes the hack still works fine. The wifi is a little better about reconnecting after sleep with this update
I saw a post on Twitter that recommended not updating if you depend on DRM'd PDF files. I don't use them so I can't say. I'm running 07_18 with no issues so far.
I got my Novel this past weekend at BB&B (the last one they had in stock!) with the 20% off coupon and rebate offer. It came with some paperwork from Pandigital saying the BB&B version was already updated with the most recent firmware, not subject to the Kohl's version issues, etc. This was probably true when the device shipped, but the S10_07_18k version is newer, and I downloaded and installed it with no issues. I find it pretty stable compared with what seem to have been the early experiences documented around here and on other sites with the Novel. I have yet to install OpenHome or alternative launchers, but intend to give that a shot, as well as replacing the existing 1 GB microSD card inside with an extra 2 GB I have. I read I need to format it FAT32 and have the same folders and volume name as the factory one, which makes sense. BTW, I was able to get the back cover off, though I felt like I was going to break something until it finally came off... they could have made that easier.The S10_07_18k wireless seems to be reliable about connecting to my home network, either on power-up or after coming back from being asleep. From sleep, this takes anywhere from 30-60 seconds to do - ymmv. A setting for not refreshing the email that I found documented in another thread worked on the S10_07_18k level for keeping the device from coming back out of sleep mode to a very dim screen state (you almost can't tell it's on) to refresh the mail and thus draining the battery too quickly. Also, just because I found no actual verification of this elsewhere, I tested that the Novel is indeed 802.11n capable by setting my home network to n-only mode and seeing if it still found and connected to the network - and it did. The software for the wireless seems to have a glitch in the display of the network speed it displays, though - mine says I am getting 3416576Mbps right now, which is what, 3.4 trillion bps? Not sure what it really is, but to find out what it thinks and some other basic info, on the network settings screen, tap the name of network you are connected to in the list of Wi-fi networks found, and a pop-up screen comes up.I was initially very frustrated with the ability to get the Novel to understand my touches accurately. Last night I played around and found that the eraser on a plain old #2 pencil works like a champ and GREATLY reduces my frustration in interacting with the device - give it a try if you have tried calibrating, etc., to no avail and still find it frustrating. I use the default settings now and find it to be pretty accurate. I may get a stylus or some sort of fingertip device. Maybe this is just a perception thing, but I also seem to see better performance out of the device using the eraser. Maybe the device is wasting cycles trying to interpret what you really meant when you fat-finger it? I don't know.All in all, for what I will end up having paid with the coupon and after the rebate, I am reasonably happy. Device build quality is very good, though I can't say I am too impressed with the Web browser or email client. The book reader app is adequate (I like the night mode), and only being able to play MP4 videos seems kind of screwy, but for the $$, and with the hope that maybe some of this can be overcome with apps from other places built for Android devices (is there a forum for apps that work well on this thing, and pointers to non-Marketplace sources for them?), I am probably going to keep it.
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I just flashed my novel the other night to 18k and then re-applied the hacks. No issues, Wifi does connect more quickly and I feel that the novel does respond more quickly to my [email protected], I find that I get the best response from my novel by using my finger nail as opposed to my finger tip or pad. I don't plan on growing out my index finger nails or wearing a thimble but the harder and smaller the input device the better the response will be.
Thats good to hear. I just wanted to be sure the hack still works after the upgrade
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confirmed. 07 18 works with the hacks. eagerly awaiting the next fw update
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eagerly awaiting the kernel/source code...
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