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Anyone have an OPAD A1 / E7002 ?

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i'm looking at these because they have nice HW specs, Full size USB, supposedly "working"? Droid 2.1.Anyone actually have a version that can review it a bit?I'm looking for something that can be a rarely stable Web Browser/research, MSN chatter, email checker and play FLV movies without needing to be on youtube. (reliable Wifi would be nice) I like these models as I say, because the Full Size USB.--Also, mixed reports if ANY have a real G-sensor (gravity sensor) or just a rotate App.Thanks !
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I do have one of those, at least it matches the specs and looks like one. Unfortunately I can't use it at the moment. I pressed the reset button after it freezed, but now Android isn't booting up anymore. I can still turn it on and it shows a picture and some code, which tells that it tries to boot Android but than it freezes. Is anyone here with a firmware file that I could flash? I really would appreciate some help. thank you
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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