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Anyone have an OPAD A1 / E7002 ?

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i'm looking at these because they have nice HW specs, Full size USB, supposedly "working"? Droid 2.1.Anyone actually have a version that can review it a bit?I'm looking for something that can be a rarely stable Web Browser/research, MSN chatter, email checker and play FLV movies without needing to be on youtube. (reliable Wifi would be nice) I like these models as I say, because the Full Size USB.--Also, mixed reports if ANY have a real G-sensor (gravity sensor) or just a rotate App.Thanks !
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Hi i also have one of these except mine is in current working state. If you could direct me to a place that will show me how to get my current android os off of mine i would gladly upload it. i have been looking for some way of doing this for awhile now and have had difficulties finding anything useful.
Would not let me edit for some reason but....Oh, and i have been enjoying mine. the screen responsiveness slows a little when background apps start piling up but as soon as you end those things speed up again. The full usb has been nice because i can hook up a small portable keyboard and take notes in class with relative ease using it. my only main problem which i have been getting close to fixing is the fact that there is no android market pre-installed on mine. but i have found a few sites online that you can download .apk's from in order to install as well as "andapp store" and slideme which have some apps on it but not to the same extent as the google market.And no there is no g-sensor or rotate app... i've heard there are a couple rotate apps on the android market but i have not been lucky enough to find a apk of one online.not sure about watching youtube videos on it yet i'll check it out and let you know
Hi i have been working extremely hard on trying to get a working android market. I tried the approach using this method http:// with little success and multiple other ways, for now i am giving up on the android market i got andapp store working fine and slideme which give you a good selection plus any .apk file (minus any that are part of google such as Vending.apk which is what the android market is). one issue that i am working on next is to get a youtube app/flash working properly and i will let you guys know if i do. it plays video files fine just having difficulties streaming right now. Battery life has been decent at least for my needs. After messing around with it leaving screen running and rebooting it a thousand times in hope that the next one will be the one with android market on it.. it seemed to hold out for about 3 hours before it yelled at me and shut itself off. i personally have been having fun messing around with it and will turn it into my textbook collector for next semesters books with my book scanner setup
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after long hours of searching found the rom you were looking for earlier at a Chinese site hopefully it helps here is the translated linkGoogle Translateand here is the normal link in case you are fluent in chineseTCC8902????7??P7ϵͳ?????̳̼????????? - ROM?̼????·??? - ??????̳???? ƽ?????Ե?һ???????? -APad ePad iPad GPad lePad ?û???̳
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