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Anyone else crashing to a white screen?

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Before I downgraded by firmware to the crappy one on pandigital's website. Mine seemed to be crashing randomly telling me that the PD home program was not responding. I would hit close and it would just go to a white screen.Couldn't turn it off, couldn't do nothing.Had to use the reset button to turn the thing off.Any thoughts?
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Sounds similar to what I ran into this morning. I tried to power down the device last night by holding the power slider for several seconds while on the home screen (but didn't get the power off prompt) and then when I let go it apparently went to sleep (and stayed asleep finally) but when I woke it this morning it was on a white screen. Had to reset to get it working again. I'm running the 10-07-05 firmware (that apparently isn't on the PD site yet).I'm really hoping that Pandigital supports their device and keeps plugging away at fixing the bugs. It has a lot of potential and really is a neat little slate.
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