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Anti virus

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Hey guys, just wondering what peoples views are on running some type of anti virus or malware software is? I have read a few things and some people say you don't really need to bother but I can't help think it could be a good idea. The only think I think could be the main problem is the lack of processing power of the Eken, it doesn't exactly have the biggest processor in it. This would reduce the speed of it but would it make it unusable?I guess that when you are using it you could just steer clear of dodgy websites ;) and not download anything to it you aren't sure what it is, and then you will have need for any software.
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I would say you have pretty much answered your own question.
Fair enough Rocky lol I'd best just stay away from those dodgy websites when am on my eken then ;)
Going on dodgy websites won't come to any harm. AFAIK there are no websites which target vulnerabilities in Android. Dodgy websites are written to exploit Windows mostly, and as such there will be no damage done by visiting such a site on a slate. Although it should be noted that you are still vulnerable to phishing as this exploits the person and not the operating system.There are a couple of dodgy Android apps out there (due to the free-for-all approach adopted by Google), but I think they all rely on telephony as they usually just dial premium rate lines etc. But if you just check the comments for any apps you download for any problems and don't download them from untrusted sources then you should be just fine.
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