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[Announcement] We have a new subforum for CN Telechips tablets!

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Hello everybody,I decided to move all threads for Telechips devices in this new subforum, in exception with Augen Gentouch78, which is different as it is from US-based company (the brand, not the device of course).All devices similar to HSG X5A are real chinese, so this subforum should care about them. As far as we know, ROMs are partially compatible between HSG/Haipad devices, so these devices are much more closer then others.The main reason to start a new subforum was to allow keep the dev thread on-topic, I hope this step will led to that.If you have any ideas or advices, let me know! Thank yougeoRG77 ;)
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Actually IMO the tablets should be broken down by compatibility, e.g. all of those that use the same base mb (other hw features and addons may vary) should go into one forum, and others with different mbs into a separate forum... ideally I was thinking along the lines of as long as the firmwares are compatible with the devices that they should be lumped together into one forum.So in this case, you really are following that as I don't believe that the X5a/x6 use the same mb as the GT/Dawa D7/Smartsurfer(which should all end up under the Augen forum, possibly better renamed to reflect the ODM... rather than particular re-brandings)
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