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OK so I was experimenting with various apps and one of them WorldWar (game app) failed to install because of a missing AndroidID, this got me thinking is there a way to obtain one ? And could this possible be the reason why we can't have Market and other Google Apps? Where could we obtain one??
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if that is accurate then its a bit silly, not all tablets will have gsm/3g and therefore no IMEI/IMSI. ill try to get in touch with google see if they could answer. ill keep you guys/gals posted
International Mobile Subscriber Identity -- basically the globally-unique serial # of the SIM card in GSM based phones.
Seems like a lot of the DRM on pay apps is based on joining these two numbers. GoogleID from a GoogleProfile and the AndroidID/DeviceID/PhoneID a number from the Sim card. Since these are the first devices w/o a SIM no workaround yet. and are unable to install pay apps at this time because of this.
I have been looking random stuff when modifying my ROM and I noticed something, not sure if this is usefull but maybe someone could pull these files from phone where market is working,AndroidID is located in (at least in M003 FW) it's typed as androidid and in documentation they are stating that it's:
A 64-bit number (as a hex string) that is randomly generated on the device's first boot and should remain constant for the lifetime of the device. (The value may change if a factory reset is performed on the device.) Constant Value: "android_id"
So in document's they are refering "android_id" and in accounts.db there is value "androidid"So I was wonderring if that could be a reason why ID is not working, after some test's I have world war game running in my slate (graphics are wrong and it's not playable) BUT it's loading profile that someone else is also using.Same db also contais IMSI field that is as far as I can tell IMSI is not needed for the android ID to work more likely trouble is that either there is android_id generation script missing or ti wrong in db?so if someone has an opportunity to get these databases from working phone, it could help to investigate this bit course it could be that I'm completely wrong but that life then :eek:document can be found:
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