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Hi,i've almost managed to get the VNC server working on EKEN:1. Download the binary androidvncserver - android-vnc-server - compiled binary - Project Hosting on Google Code and adb push it to /data (you need permissions on /data )2. chmod 755 the binary3. Then execute it with /data/androidvncserver -k /dev/input/event1 -t /dev/input/event2 in adb shell or terminal emulator (-k = keyboard event) (-t = touch event)4. connect with a vlc client to <ip.ip.ip.ip>:5901now it works, except the following things:
  • you cannot use the computer's keyboard (what is the right -k /dev/input event?)
  • you cannot "slide" with mouse
Does someone know how to fix these issues?SeriTools
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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