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Hey all,

So I am thinking of getting one of the Android TV Sticks (on ########### and amazon for around $40-
) and adding a USB TV Tuner to use as a functional DVR.
I am assuming it will require a limited linux environment installed, a lot of setup; but the end results should be worth the efforts.

I know some of the Android TV Sticks are able to run linux installs, but I want to retain the Android OS for Interface and Apps.

The idea is to have a fully functional Android device, with the DVR stuff running behind the scenes.

I am thinking the linux install of tvheadend for the scheduling and recording, sickbeard and transmission (or other torrent client) for recording TV via internet download. Minidlna or similar for sharing video to the whole house.

I though of this a few months back but was hesitant, actually picking out the right Android TV Stick from the slew of options has been the hardest part. So I instead set this up using a pogoplug and full linux install. It works great, TV shows appear in the media collection sometimes minutes after showing. Interface is very usable (web based) for adding new shows and browsing the collection. Sharing via dlna for a wide range of compatibility. The CPU of the pogoplug is taxed very hard and often maxed for hours (2 ppl streaming HD and 1 streaming SD), but it has yet to skip or mess up the streaming of video to clients.

Since the hardware of the pogoplug (800MHZ 128M/128M) is a fraction of what the Android Sticks can produce, its time to move up to a better device.

Can anyone suggest a Android Stick that they have actual experience developing. I am looking for things like source availability, open hardware etc.
Please provide links to the actual device (not one that looks similar) and if possible links to the purchase page.


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