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I'm looking for an android tablet that has the following specs if at all possible.
  • Android OS v2.2
  • Bluetooth v2.0
  • 5" or larger screen
  • Rock Chip 2808a cpu
  • OpenGL ES 2.0 support
  • Ability to play 720p video (although if it can play 1080p that'd be better)
I would prefer to have Android 2.x however, that is not required and OpenGL is also not required. The only reason i list the RockChip cpu is because i do plan on watching some hd content on the device and this will allow the device to not have choppy playback on hd for pricing, I'd prefer to keep the device under $ far the following devices that i saw that can somewhat meet most of my requirements.
  • SmartQ V7
  • HOTT MID MD500
  • HOTT MID MD700 (Runs WinCE 6 but android might be on the way)
  • Unbranded 7 Inch Google Android Tablet PC(Model: TPGA-717 at, possible apad clone)
  • 10 Inch Android Tablet with Official Android Market(euogo again, model TPGA-719, lists an ARM 11 cpu )
  • APAD Rockchip RK2808 7" Android MID 2GB (at mp4nation)
I'm planning on buying the device in September, however i can easily wait until January if a device that meets the requirements (including price) is made available.
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