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Android on Eken m001

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Hello,I have recently bought an Eken m001 and have installed SlateDroid 1.3 on it. I was wondering what the latest version of Android I can get on the Eken m001 and a guide on how to install it? And also, will my SlateDroid 1.3 still be on there if I did upgrade my Android?Thanks
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Slatedroid v1.3 *is* the Android OS - just a custom flavour of if you "upgrade" it to something else, then you will have wiped whatever OS was there and flashed a new one.....and you'll know whatever it you've gone to or you wouldn't have chosen to do it. The M001 doesn't really do "upgrades". Everything I've seen so far is a wipe-and-replace. What you replace it with may well be an "upgrade" in your eyes - more function, better features - whatever - but the reality is nothing was was wiped and replaced. Of course the data on your sdcard isn't wiped. Just the NAND (system, user, *internal* app space) in the tablet.
Thanks for the advice. What I mean here is "Can you upgrade the Eken m001 to a later edition of Android?" and how you do it?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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