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Twice today I had this occur so thought I would pass along what I sawLet me start by saying I had a heck of a time getting ADB to recognize the device . . after some help from IRC we figured out that I didnt have USB Debugging turned on - Which would only give me 3 Drive letters and no device to show up in Device manager - Once I enabled USB Debugging that problem went away for the most part.Ok on to Market Observations - The first time I did the Market Fix a couple apps that I had setup via AppBrain installed just fine and then WHAM all kinds of apps started downloading and most if not all of them Failed the Install.Ok didnt know what to make of this and then the Market failed again about 15 minutes later - Grrr so I decided to try the Market Fix again before generating an ID ( I had issues getting the ID generated )2nd time was a success as well got a few apps installed and then WHAM tons of stuff starts downloading and failing ....So my thought is that the Dev's or whom ever at Augen had alot of apps set to install and once the Market Place starts working all those apps get installed and then Market says Hey your not who you think you are so Im turning your access off ( or something like that )Again just general musing of someone who spent way to much time today dinkering with this tablet - And the wife still is drumming her fingers waiting for me to get "it working" .
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