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Android Market -> App Store?

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Has anyone noticed that the Augen web site ( has seemingly changed from mentioning the Android Market with 70,000+ apps, and now mentions an App Store with 2,000+ apps? A sign of what the patch is going to do?
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[email protected], looks like they may be dropping Google's App market and adding a Alternate one. Probably the Chinese one that is in the Eken app set. The problem is these slates don't have a proper Android ID. Generating and storing one is real pain. see I still hoping Augen will do better.
this same thing happened to the ARCHOS android.they added their own market so that you have an guarantee that apps will work 100%
I wouldn't worry too much, as they're still insisting on that page that it's an 800MHz CPU...beside wouldn't the trick used for the Pandigital allow the app store to work?
Speaking of patches, Still none uploaded to the support site.
The live chat support person i got was horrible, didnt say a word for like 5 mins then just said basically " i dunno about it sorry"... lolNot that im in desperate need of the headphones, but what is the deal about the emailing a proof of purchase.I asked that too, but got no response, till i decided that i was talking to a rock & closed the chat.
I was told that same people are doing phone support and chat at same time. So they work with phone customers and make chat wait.
I see, thanks for letting me know, now maybe if they could explain that in chat.
Guy on xda-developers forum got someone on live chat to tell him that the GT update will appear @ 5p EDT...
Does that mean I can start yelling at in 18 minutes, if it's not there?
its now 5:05 update....LOL
Prob gone for weekend. but site said Open from Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM EST. I can hope they are in a meeting to get info.
and back to kmart she goessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
and still no update posted...let your fingers do the walking and try calling them... they must have a toll free tech support #...
I feel your pain... honestly.
This reminds me of a ebook reader they were selling @ Walgreen's
1 - 20 of 88 Posts
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