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Android installed on PC HardDrive - Can I put additional version on

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I put 4.4 on a PC which has Windows 7 as its Operating System. If I want to try out other versions of Android on the same PC do I have to delete the current one or can I have two available by making another partition(s)?


I cannot respond to Reimar post so am editing my original entry to explain: There is a message saying "TOPIC IS LOCKED"

KitKat 4.4 is in a partition on my Win 7 PC (I just want it there rather than on USB).

If I install the latest Android in another partition on the same PC I wanted to know whether the Boot process will handle this. I am hoping that at Boot I will have options for Windows / Kitkat / Lollipop.

My question was aimed at clarifying whether the MBR will be automatically amended when the Lollipop Android is installed or would I have to remove KitKat first?
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There several ways to install Android on PC's! It's all depend on, what way you've used. For some PC Versions, it's even possible to install Android under Windows!

Just if you've used to install Android on it's own HDD and an EXT..? Partition, you may need to install another version on an other HDD! Why didn't you use to install on USB Flashdrive? If your Computer has USB 3, it would just work perfectly from USB!

I just created this new forum for Android on PC's and already added a few Version on it. Take a closer look at them. Within the next few days, I'll add more different version (older) to it too!
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