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NSANTOSgood friends before anything else and I congratulate the great forum that here is my question and the following I have a 7-inch netbook that offered to my kid and has the windows ce 5.0 and liked to install Android or another Linux operating systembut do not know how to do so already he has no option to boot usb or sdcard is there any chance of installing Android or another Linux system via USB cableif they can post a manual or unloading of software thank leave here its features:netbook made in chinaBoot messages:Version:1.90Hardware Version:3.0CPU: ARM 926EJ-S 248MHzRelease SV122RAM: 128MVideo decode:1Press F1 key to update system----System properties (reported by Windows CE)System:Microsoft?Windows?CEVersion 5.00 (Build 1400)ComputerProcessor Type: AKARM, ARM926-AKCHIPExpansion Slots:Memory 128M----System Specs:processor: ANYKA AK7802TQ21605NAND Flash: K9GAG08U0D (2GB)Ethernet Controller: Davicom DM9008AEPWireless NIC: Prolink RT2070LNumber on Motherboard: ZT_NT670_V88_FPC_1018is possible that the burntool_v07.2.exe work with my netbook is possible to install Windos ce 6.0 with burntool_v07.2.exe on my netbookthank you for your help
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