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Android booting from SD card

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Hi,i am trying to load android without use the flash.With a fast sdcard it should not have speed problems and we could have a "dual boot" (wince on flash and android on sd as we have with debian)For now i tried to do what do but manually on the sd card.I created the partitions,poblate with files BUT android has not fstab :(can someone help ?thanks
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Would it be possible to get all the OS's on the SD card, and use the internal 2GB for storage? I'd quite like to have everything on the SD. Also, does UBoot support SDHC cards?
Yes,i have readed about other devices loading all android from sd card.I have readed ,i dont remember where,but some relationated with swap it is able to use 6 class sd.About Wince i dont know if it would work on sd,i am new with it
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