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Hi its my first tutorial. On this rom tablet is very quick and good battery. Front camera does not work!
What we need:
1. Ainol Novo 9 4.2.2 sdk 3.0 to get from here
2. PhoenixSuit to flash rom
3. ADB
4. file from here

Lets start
1. Backup your tablet
2. Connect tablet to PC. Run Phoenixsuit. If Phoenixsuit doesnt see your device press ESC button and hold it, at same time press Power button about 10 times.
3. Flash new rom tablet will reboot.
4. Now you have android 4.2.2 but not rooted.


Because our freelander does not have volume buttons you cannot do much in Ainol stock recovery

1. On your PC extract file.
2. Go to system/xbin and copy su to your ADB folder
3. Go to system/preinstall and copy superuser.apk to your ADB folder
4. Connect device to PC and open ADB
5. In ADB type:
adb remount
adb push su /system/bin
adb push su /system/xbin
adb shell chmod 4755 /system/bin/su
adb shell chmod 4755 /system/xbin/su
adb install superuser.apk

6. Reboot and your freelander PD80 wise running now on Android 4.2.2 sdk 3.0

Hope anybody find this usefull

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my name is Ralf and i bought my first tablet. Freelande pd80(R162) Firmware 4.1.1 and it does not run very well. Than i found this forum here and tried the above standing firmware update. After using this instructions my tablet booted (Ainol novo 9), but the touchscreen was wrong. i touch the app-button below, but the screen reaktion was above.

so i tried some other updates to install, but the rom was always too old. at last i tried this one again and while PhoenixSuit was installing, happend an installerror.

since than my tablet won´t boot up, the screen stays black.

Is there any help for me, to connect my pc to the tablet???

sorry for my bad english, but i tried my very best.

regards Ralf1409
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