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I tried flashing it but it fails at 75%
W/ [P2][02:10:35]Transfer Complete! total size is 5627904 Bytes

W/ [P2][02:10:36]Cmd --> (bootm 0x82000000)(0)

E/ [P2][02:11:48]failed because no connected device ,current step is 18

Have you tried it?
Although I have VI40 I encountered the same problem when trying to flash the new 4.2.2 firmware. However, I already had firmware version 2.0 installed on the tablet, which you indicated later to be the solution. Do you have any other idea what could cause this problem? (My Onda is now full black, does not show any sign, except for indicating itself as an outside drive when the flashing reaches the 75% threshold.)
Thanx for any help!
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