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I rooted the tablet using a tool found on the chinese site. It was a bit tricky but finaly it did the job.

I removed all chinese apps by simply deleting them from the system/app folder.

I restored my apps using GoBackup.

Now this tablet is great - fast and smooth.

To root the tablet you need a formatted tf card. Unpack jb_root_121108.rar and copy both files ( and factory_update_param.aml) to the root directory of the card. Update the tablet as you would with new firmware - turn off, turn on while pressing home button, when white robot appears release power then home, wait for the update to finish.
BUT this will install a chinese only version of SuperSu. So you have to install es file explorer, give him root (tick the RIGHT button on the supersu chinese dialog), remove superuser from system/app, reboot and install a full version of chainfire supersu from google play.

Dislaimer! You are doing this at your own risk! I take no responsibility for any damage etc...

Sorry, I was not allowed to attach the file. The link:
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