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Android 2.2-r1.1 Beagleboard Vendor Tree on Git

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Instructions in Japanese: sola : Android-2.2_r1.1Git: sola-dolphin1's OHA-Android-2.2_r1.1 at master - GitHubEdit: Ya the A81E reports itself as a beagleboard, see here
(from mp4nation listing)
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So can this be flashed on an A81-E or is it just the starting point for someone else to develop it?
It's a source code repo. The A81 E reports itself as a beagleboard IIRC... off to go a google translating...
Hey on second thought, it might take a lot of work still. Witstech is on kernel version 221
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So what does it take to build your own ROM from beagle source? Given it's Linux underneath:- Identify and include specific drivers for BT/WiFi/GPS/Video/Touchscreen. Unless Wits is using custom chips, there should be open source drivers around for A81E. A lot of functionality is SoC and I think A81E uses a TI chip that already has driver source code in open.- Build new ROM with patched beagle source.What else? I am new to Android building but I would think the underlying process is same as Linux.
Wicked, this looks like great news
I can't help on the code side, but I can offer servers/hosting for stuff if it'll help!
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Yet another omap3530 android project 0xdroid. Looks like wits frimware.
I'm not sure if this makes sense but would it be possible to take one of the existing Linux/OMAP 35xx projects and implement it directly on the MIDnite?ARM Linux Internet Platform: Main Page - ARM Linux Internet PlatformUnbuntu for Beaglebaord: BeagleBoardUbuntu - eLinux.orgLinaro (which looks far more wide ranging than just beagleboard): other alternative is to try to stick with Android - one example is Rowboat which is an Android based project:rowboat - Project Hosting on Google Code
Don't suppose anyone is still looking into this?
Are all of the bugs caused by the kernel drivers? Would it be possible to take something like CyanogenMod sources, compile them with the same gcc version as the kernel is created in, and place the existing kernel and its modules into a flashable image?
Not all bugs are caused by kernel drivers. To use modules not compiled against the same kernel sources and compiler version depends on how the kernel was compiled but all modules used by the 0831 can be compiled from sources. Currently only wireless and framebuffer are used as modules.
I realize that you need the kernel sources to compile a new module for the existing kernel ( although it seems I read somewhere in the past where you can make the kernel be relaxed as to what it loads ). My question is would compiling the rest of the system from an alternative source ( CM6, Froyo sources ) and re-using the kernel, initramfs, /lib/modules/* and whatever else would be needed work? Can the rest of it be re-compiled from alternate sources and perhaps make a more stable system if some of the bugs we currently have are not related to the kernel but to the rest of the operating systems compilation?
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