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I've installed it on my US model I bought from Best Buy and it updates fine. Here's what I've tried so far. WIFI works, Market works, Internet works, Flash works (you have to load it), GPS works, Fring now works with front camera but the mic volume is low, Widgets work in ADP Launcher.

A member named tri_zet over at the other forum has posted this download.
Android 2.2.2 for Huawei S7, S7v100R001C98B021

1. unrar the file, and copy the 'dload' folder to the root directory of a sufficiently large external SDcard formatted to FAT/FAT32 (readable by the S7)
2. turn off the unit, and ensure that you are either plugged in with a battery inside the unit, or that you have enough charge left in your battery
3. turn on, and a progress bar will appear in the middle of the screen. Wait until "OK" is displayed on the screen.
4. turn off the unit by removing the battery and any powerplugs to the S7
5. repeat steps 2,3,4 again. otherwise it will hang at boot screen (instructed by Huawei)
6. Remove the SD card and start the device. If you wish the use the card for the device, remove the firmware files from the SD card before reinserting it.

The real credit goes to another member over there by the name of odienas.
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