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Android 2.1 system Shenzhen Apad / iRobot flat experience

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Hello,everybody,if you are intereted in this item,please click here,this item price is $132 now. Rockchip program,support high-definition player. See this tablet pc, perhaps a lot of people feel familiar. We have previously introduced this iPad. from utopian technology. In fact, Utopia is not a complete machine sales companies. They produce the appearance of this iPad. Mainly to supply iPad Shell to the complete machine manufacturers. This Tablet PC also has a name, called Apad or iRobot. Previously it onboard the RockChip program, Frequency rate of 600MHz. Rockchip is a China's chip company, Mainly for the MP4, flat computer provides ARM processor chips. the rockchip strong point is in the video broadcast. So in the latest rockchip RK2808 program, in addition to a one based on ARM9 core processor, plus a DSP chip, is responsible for video decoding. Currently the highest can handle to 720P films, Some manufacturers directly called dual-core. But two chip's divisions of labor are in fact different, which it is called bound somewhat misleading. Now, in this 7-inch appearance, not just with rockchip.A technology company called Heiner, Take also make the Korea Republic Telechips scheme into this product.This Telechips8902 chip frequency can reach 720MHz, based on the ARM11 core. high a level than Rockchip.Of course, its price expensive than the rockchip chip, this is reasonable. Even better, Telechips program system is used by Google Android2.1 system. Some stronger than the rockchip of Andorid1.5, However, according to rockchip official said, RK2808 program is to support 2.1 System, But the basic 1.5 version is installed, but for the time being no way to rise to 2.1. After must wait the RK2818 program comes out, can very good solution this question. Still support rockchip's very much, its function goes over via at least.
Appearance picture: Currently the fuselage interface and rockchip program is the same. But later will change after launch. Because Telechips support 1080P video playback. So will one of the Mini usb interface, replaced by HDMI.
This iPad better distinguish between the appearance,Because the bottom position have a long mouth, Here is the speaker's position. Not to mention a three-dimensional sound, but volume is very large.
From the turn on the power, to enter 2.1 systems, time-consuming about 30 seconds, Entered the Android tabletop, but the 3D dynamic tabletop is 2.1 above the edition unique. The so-called 3D effect, as you use that touches the desktop, it will again in the water ripples. You can change the preset number of 3D background image, even with Google Maps as a dynamic wallpaper. Look at the main interface, Android's advantages is that you can download a lot of third-party Internet applications, Android is an open system, many amateurs will develop each kind of software in above, and will be free. Through the external site, we take some more interesting games, Basket Ball Lite, Raging Thunder, Wave Blazer, Raging Thunder and Wave Blazer games can be controlled by sensing the direction of gravity. The game play in the tablet PC feeling really good. Then we come to experience the video player, Telechips can support up to 1080P video format, Machine has two high-definition video, Demo playback screen is very clear, smooth, Here are related movie smooth and rate. HD Video: South Africa's World Cup theme song wow wow carbazole carbazole (Africa time)
Speed Internet surfing experience,web browsing speed is very smooth, The effect of actual experience than the rockchip 1.5 version of Andorid system to be more fluid, Experiences the online video, System comes with software for mobile version youku. This and we usually see on the youku web interface is not the same, is developed specifically for mobile platforms. It must be explained, If you login to the network like Youku online video site is can not online play video. The reason possibly is Andorid2.1 is highest at present only supports Flash8.1, But to go to Andorid2.2 version to support the highest Flash10.1. Hence many of the online video can not watch. Great Wisdom stock software Tablet PC can look at comics and e-books. Finally, you can collect some of the Android zone in the external site to download to more applications.
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