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Hey guys~

I recently got an early invitation to try out the closed beta for "Heroes Conquest", a new game from Eyougame.

After giving it a quick try, I'd classify it as an SLG game containing an RPG element. (kinda a brand-new hybrid gaming experience beyond my expectation) It also opts out all those complicated and time-consuming strategies, which is a big plus for me! If an unconventional gameplay experience is what you’re looking for, I’d strongly recommend this.

Their closed beta registration will end on August 25, 2021 (if I’m not mistaken), so you really have to act fast to seize this narrow window of opportunity!

FYI, the APK file is on Eyougame’s Discord channel. All latest info of the game can be found in the server, so stay tuned on their Discord server guys! Enjoy!

CBT registration link (if you’re interested): heroes Conquest
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