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Hi everybody,

a couple days ago I ordered my first tablet, a Pipo S2. I'm a complete newbie, as far as it concerns Android and tablets; however, as I consider myself an advanced Windows user, I'm tempted to discover and exploit the new world to the fullest.

And then I noticed that this little toy (coming from a manufacturer I'd never heard of until recently), sells three times more than any other at the shop I bought it from.
So, I thought: "Hey, there must be many more people at the same place I'm in!" What would be more logical then, than asking the advanced members for a basic guide, so that an ambitious newbie could get on and start rolling?
I'm thinking of things like:
  • the best firmware/ROM currently available (and links on how to use)
  • a handful of "must" applications
  • and useful tips
But, of course, whatever you think worth adding, is more than welcome.

On behalf of all Pipo S2 newbies,
thanks and respect! :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts