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Alternate firmware

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If I attempt to put alternate firrmware like WebOS or WM 6.5 on the PDN.. What do you think the chances of bricking it are? And Is it just a matter of reflashing the latest PDN firmware to return if it doesn't work like I hoped?
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If you're asking, you probably shouldn't.Also, (since I'm curious), how were you planning on flashing?
I'm new to Android.. I have been modding WM for some time on ARM processers and Have been playing with the WebOS system on my Pre with the ARM Cortex-A8.. Palm WebOS and Android are both very similar. I've had lots of fun now with Android on the PDN.. Lots of changes and doing some things folks suggest.. Even have it set to run SwiFTP and have cleaned up the Root directories from all the stuff I didn't use.. Working hard on getting the internal SD to be the primary SD slot for app use. I know enough to be dangerous.. But I will admit.. I'm not an expert on the android system.. Jsut wondered your thoughts..
what are the merits of going WM way (compared to A 2.2...3.0, ChromeOS)? Better snappines/support for hardware mpeg4/H.264/VC-1 decoders/Open GL 2.0? anything?
Clockworx For WebOS, was going to work on getting WebOS Doctor to think that the PDN was my Pre.. It should be able to "push" the firmware for WebOS 1.4.5 on there. then I would have to work on getting the drivers to work with the PDN hardware.. Luckily, it's built with a lot of common hardware already in use on Android devices.. So not like a shot in the dark. As for WM 6.5, I have it already running on an iPaQ that has a very similar build to the PDN.. Flashing the PDN is about the same as flashing the iPaQ.Aludal the only reason I was wanting to try is so that possibly I could get dual boot to work like on some of the chinese apads with Android 2.1 and WM 6.5. Also WM 6.5 has Flash support.. Which isn't working yet on the PDN.. or WebOS for that fact.
Which iPaq are you referring to? Also, I'm pretty sure you're going to have to reflash your bootloader to get Windows CE to boot, and if CE doesn't boot so you can flash back, you've bricked your device.
My iPaq is the hx2415... It runs WM 6.5 very well.. It would prolly run Android pretty well too. But it's lacking a lot in hardware compared to the PDN. Now the Palm Pre is a dream machine.. I just wish it had a bigger screen.. Perhaps if I'm patient.. HP will release a WebOS tablet and I won't have to risk bricking the PDN. I just feel after using WebOS and getting used to the multi-tasking, the speed, and all the great things it offers, Android is a step backwards. This forum has done wonders for keeping me interested though. I will let you folks play with the root level of the PDN and keep mine working for now.. Thanks for the replies.
If you do decide to get risky, the Smart Q5 is probably the best place to look. It runs the same CPU as ours, and boots CE, Ubuntu, and Android. If you flashed their bootloader, it might work.....or you might be totally screwed :pI've heard lots of people rave about WebOS, and how much they like it better than Android. I'm looking forward to seeing it on tablet-spec devices to see what the fuss is about.
The fuss for most folks is multi tasking.. Being able to run several simultaneous apps is awesome.. I can talk on the phone and shrink the phone screen and look at the calender to see if i have that day open.. While the phone and calender are open, I can slide them sideways and check the email or text that just came in. Check out the link here..Fan-crafted Pre commercial bests Palm with sheer simplicity |
Android does multi-task as well, though switching between them is slightly less intuitive than what I've seen on the palm.
I'd second the vote for webOS on the PDN. The cards analogy and the ability to shrink any active app to one with a simple flick, and the ability to flick, slide, select, etc. all the active cards is very intuitive.Took me a while (and a few noob question posts) to understand how to do multitasking with Android. To experience anything remotely resembling useful multitasking on the PDN, you need to install something like Smart Bar and activate the notification bar so you can bring up your recent apps and select the one you want to go back to from wherever you are. Not bad, but as a happy Pre owner (still), I really am sad that Palm couldn't manage to get some traction with it. I think it would make a great tablet OS and hope to see HP do something in that realm.
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