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I ordered a Sanei N83 from an Aliexpress seller. Having specifically asked about wifi performance, and being assured it was good, it was in fact terrible. I didn't complain about this because I wasn't sure if it was the wifi setup at home, and I didn't have much experience with tablets.

Subsequent posts here suggest the wifi issues were due to the N83 firmeare which has since been resolved. But... I don't know whether this is the case with mine, because it won't charge any more

When I contacted the seller she agreed it was covered by the guarantee and would fix it. However, she claimed the company was moving, and couldn't provide a shipping address. Fast forward to a couple of days ago and she provided an address, but via the Aliexpress chat window - I had no confirmation of the agreement to take back and repair the tablet. Several ignored emails later I got hold of her and she has finally provided this.

So I'll send the tablet back for repair ASAP & hopefully get it shipped back pre-Chinese new year.

I suspect that the move story was untrue, and designed to distract me for a while. I the tablet broke, during the feedback commenting period - which I hadn't realised extends some time after the initial comment. This would have enabled me to add a negative comment, and given me some leverage over the seller. Meanwhile it's caused me an unnecessary, lengthy delay getting my tablet fixed.

I *think* this seller will repair the tablet & mail it back & their behaviour was just designed to maintain their feedback score. But I'd appreciate views on this. And also any information about how the Aliexpress feedback system works, deadlines etc, and any tips to get Aliexpress to respond to complaints (post the feedback period): an email I sent to [email protected] a couple of days ago has been ignored...
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