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Alas...... I have decided to send my M003 back for a refund

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It will be shipped out tomorrow.... Luckily I purchased from a us seller that is only about an hour away from me...... Just could not get it to a point where the wireless was really usable...... Tried the slatedroid/drex combination as well as just slate or drex etc... If they put in a faster processor and better resolution I would consider it again... The touch screen was touchy at best ALWAYS selecting stuff that I didnt want when I was trying to scroll..... I may just break down and get an IPAD lol........... Im not dont with Android by any means.... I love it on my phone.... and will continue work on this.... IF i can find a cheap m001 I may buy it to play with....... I will keep reading this site.... Keep up the good work guys. ThanksWilliam
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It may be a bad unit. I have connected at 2 McDonalds, Work and home Wi/Fi nets with a M003 from DX. No security, Wep and Wap. All worked.
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