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All specs below obtained using the Aida64 android app loaded onto the AirTV box. The AIDA64 app can be obtained through the Google Play store.

System Info:

Manufacturer: Technicolor

Model: AirTV Player

Brand: Technicolor

Board: Sprint

Device: uiw4010ech

Hardware: marvelberlin

Installed RAM: 1GB (Note: Called AirTV and they have specifically told me that the box comes with 2GB RAM, so not sure why there is a discrepency)

Total Memory: 989MB

Available Memory: 409MB

Internal Storage Total Space: 4974MB (Note: AirTV comes with 8GB flash storage; this is the amount you have left over after OS is installed)

CPU Info:

Core Architecture: 4x ARM Cortex-A53 @ 1200MHz

CPU Cores: 4

CPU Clock Range: 400 -1200 MHz

Core 1 Clock: 800 MHz

Core 2 Clock: 800 MHz

Core 3 Clock: 800 MHz

Core 4 Clock: 800 MHz

CPU Uitilization: 4%

Scaling Governor: interactive

AES: Supported

NEON: Supported

Display Info:

Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080

GPU Vendor: Vivant Corporation

GPU Renderer: Vivante GC7000XS

Refresh Rate: 60Hz

OpenGL ES Version: 3.2

GPU Version: OpenGL ES 3.2 V6.1.0.60705

Android Info:

Android Version: 6.0.1 (Marshmallow)

Android Security Patch: 2016-11-05

Rooted Device: No

Build ID: MUF05

Codename: REL

Fingerprint: Technicolor/uiw4010ech/uiw4010ech:6.0.1/MUFO5/


Java Runtime Version: Android Runtime 0.9

USB TV Tuner Info

Manufacturer Hauppauge

Product: Hauppauge Device

Device ID: 0240-B124

Supported USB Version: 2.00

Current Speed: 480Mbps

Maximum Power: 340 mA

Note: Called AirTV and they informed me the the box comes with both 2.4Ghz and 5.0Ghz wireless signals
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