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May I ask for a new thread/Section for this new tablet from Ainol? I have already ordered one and will be reaching in few days. It looks to be a good buy for money.
Thanks for your cooperation.

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Okay - I've added a new CPU folder to the Cortex A7 Category and put the new ainol tablet there --

-- Cortex A7
-- -- MT8125 / MTK8389 Quad Core CPU Devices
-- -- -- Ainol ax1 Poseidon

Thanks for the suggestion.


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I bought mine last Sat. and all is working well. Nice and fast out of the box, rooted, no problem to add any apps.

The screen could be better and the sound is not so great but for $125 not a bad buy. Bought it here in Shenzhen where
they are made. They call it the Numy here

Oh-It has the same problem that my phones with Media Tek chips have-it will randomly come up with a Preparing SD Card notice. If
anyone knows that causes this and how to solve it that would be great.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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