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AdHock connection with WEP security. How to setup?

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Hello.I use WMWifiRouter on my phone (LG Incite). For some reason this widget doesn' give me Internet access if I choose Open and not WEP.Do you know how to setup WEP connection usingg the same solution published earlier about AdHock and Infrastrucure working together?Solution very nice and work perfectly with another (HTC) WiFi router, but I have to use mine (WMWifi Router).Pleeeease Help!
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Have you tried over at ppcgeeks? If there's no alternate router, someone might know of a registry hack you can do.
Here's what wpa_supplicant.conf looks like for a WEP connection.
ctrl_interface=data/system/wpa_supplicantupdate_config=1network={	ssid="FILL_IN_THIS_BLANK"	key_mgmt=NONE	auth_alg=OPEN SHARED	wep_key0=FILL_IN_THIS_BLANK}
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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