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Adding GPS

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I have an application on my windows mobile phone that turns it into a wireless router using wifi and the 3g connection. My phone also has support for AGPS I wonder if there is an way to forward the GPS data from my phone to the device over the wifi connection. I was thinking I could use Google latitude on both, but I don't know how close to real time you could get it.
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The SDIO is an interesting idea. I have an older Bluetooth GPS device that I used for my old HTC Wizard that I think I am going to break into and see what it can do. It is only like 2.5" square including a battery and usb charging connector. I think it may be able to bring both GPS and Bluetooth into the device with one connection. We will see.
I took my bluetooth GPS apart last night and it will not work just too big.
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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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