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Made for Crystal 2 but should work in other devices too... 8)

Added the vendor/product ids to the inf file and a batch file that adds
vendor id to %USERPROFILE%/.android/adb_usb.ini
The other batch file can be used to remove the old crap from the registry.

If you are installing drivers to newer (64-bit) Windows versions you
might have to disable the Driver Signature Enforcement before installing
See this post for one way to do it:

The above might not work on Windows 8.1 anymore. In that case use this method instead
How to Disable Driver Signature Verification on 64-Bit Windows 8.1 (So That You Can Install Unsigned Drivers)

New version!

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Works ok for me under Windows XP but I can't get adb acess on Linux

The device is detected by lsusb, and I have added the vendor at udev config.

$ lsusb
Bus 007 Device 003: ID 10d6:0c02 Actions Semiconductor Co., Ltd

#Actions Semiconductor
SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTR{idVendor}=="10d6", MODE="0664", GROUP="plugdev"
adb not detect the device...
[email protected]:/home/Carlos# adb devices
* daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 *
* daemon started successfully *
List of devices attached

Any idea?
You probably have solved it long time ago but for others...

Maybe the vendor id isn't in adb_usb.ini ?
mkdir -p ~/.android && echo 0x10d6>>~/.android/adb_usb.ini

A good guide for Linux adb users

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Here is an "update" to my old driver package. This time universal.


(five seconds wasted)

Added those two tools usually used, that is adb and fastboot.
Based on batch scripts, so it's open source.
Self Signed, not need to do annoying reboots and other odd tricks.
Tested working using VirtualBox, from XP to Win10, both 32 and 64 bit.


The Readme.txt included is below.
Yet Another Universal ADB Driver Package

By CXZ (Slatedroid,Freaktab) / CXZa (XDA,4pda)

DISCLAIMER: No guarantee of any kind. Use at your own risk!

Yet Another Universal Android Debug Bridge USB Driver

Uses universal adb trick used in some (unsigned) packages before.
It works but fails in inf2cat signability test. Maybe there are reasons for that?
Signability test failed. Errors:
All Universal Serial Bus (USB) devices must have VID and PID sections in the PnP Device ID string.
Third-party USB function drivers must not install through a compatible ID match.
The following formats are not acceptable:
USB\Class_ii, USB\Class_ii&SubClass_jj, USB\Class_ii&SubClass_jj&Prot_kk

Can be uninstalled through the Control Panel.

Other choices:

Leave YAUADBdriver certificate to the cert stores

Instead of deleting the YAUADBdriver certificate after
installing the driver, it's left into the certificate stores.
This is maybe needed in the newer Win10 versions. --> http://

Should be safe as certificates cannot be used without the
private key and I deleted the self signed certificate used
immediately after signing the driver. Certificate will
be added to Root and TrustedPublisher stores having
"___YAUADB-driver" as its name so it's easy to find.

ADB-Prompt (bat), ADB (version 1.0.32) and Fastboot

Installer just extracts the files to the chosen folder
and creates shortcuts to the SendTo subfolder.
Read the Readme.txt in SendTo subfolder for more info.
To uninstall just delete the folder (and shortcuts created).

There are newer versions than 1.0.32, but it was selected
on purpose because it's the last version that remembers
the previous shell commands used.

If a newer is needed use my "Yet Another ADB + Fastboot Updater"
which is now included in the package. For more info --> https://

ADB-Prompt (bat) allows one to avoid typing that darn
"adb" before every single adb command...

ADB Prompt - h=open adb help in notepad, q=quit, c=cmd /k
v=add vendor IDs to adb_usb.ini, r=root+remount

Remove the old ADB OEM Driver installations

Uninstalls all the oem*.inf ADB Driver installations
including the YAUADBdriver (if it's installed).
(use the Control Panel for uninstalling the YAUADBdriver)

Remove the old ADB Driver registry entries

Removes the old ADB Driver registry entries.
Reboot possibly needed before ADB can be used.

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A new tool: Yet Another ADB + Fastboot Updater

Download the exe:
Download zipped:

Put to an empty folder and run. Run again to check if there is an update for the programs.
Or change the target to c:\windows folder and use them system-wide.

(now included in the Yet Another Universal ADB Driver Package)

See also the thread at XDA

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Yet Another ADB + Fastboot Updater
Update. The download addresses are the same.

Now ADB + Fastboot are only terminated if they are updated/installed.
Also added a batch file for automatically checking updates and updating
ADB + Fastboot if they are installed system-wide (e.g. c:\windows folder,
keep adbupdate.exe in another folder so windows update doesn't remove it)

(if previously downloaded just the exe, delete the readme file to get its last version.)


adbupdate_scheduled-task batch file removed. It works, but I forgot that
(after xp?) windows does not allow user interface on system tasks. Sorry.

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Updated the Yet Another ADB + Fastboot Updater.

It now has option to add target or the exe path to the path variable
thus enabling using adb system-wide without big windows updates
messing it by removing exe's from the win subdirs.

(It wasn't really a big problem, easily fixed by re-running the program. Then again,
adding dir to the PATH has that advantage that admin rights aren't needed anymore
thus enabling that automatic adb update to work better when adb is used system-wide...)

Anyway, now are all the files at Yandex( updated.
(The Yet Another Universal ADB Driver Package has still adbupdate as separate exe in its own folder.)

Here are the download links again for those lazy ones:

Yet Another Universal ADB Driver Package:
Yet Another ADB + Fastboot Updater as exe:
Yet Another ADB + Fastboot Updater zip-file:

PS: If you are just replacing the old adbupdate, remove/rename the old ini and readme files in its folder
in order to get them updated as well.

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