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Actual battery capacity.

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Here in the picture is my ePad uncovered. You can see two blocks with prints saying 2400mAh on each. So I cannot define is it summary capacity or of a single block.Who can say how many mAh are there exactly?Supplier says it's 3000mAh.
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So total device battery is 2400 mAh?
Yeap!The 2 batteries are in serial 3.7v X 2 = 7.4V (Voltage add)and 2400mah total no 3000 (This does not add)
how did you manage to get it apartSent from my SlateDroid 1.3 using Tapatalk
You have to carefully peel back each of the four corners of the black border there is a small screw under each corner. Then if you can find something plastic (I used a credit card) you can slide that around the edges of the case to remove. Don't get too excited or in too much of a hurry to make sure things don't start falling out on you. I take no responsibility for any damage that might be caused to your machine from following these instructions. If you don't feel comfortable doing these kinds of things then please don't. I love ripping things apart to see what is inside. I feel kind of stupid that I think I need to add some sort of disclaimer.Good luck!
thank you for reply reason I ask because think cam disconnecrmted from main boredSent from my SlateDroid 1.3 using Tapatalk
hey got it apart thanks for help I think my camera board has failed Sent from my SlateDroid 1.3 using Tapatalk
also for got too add my baterrys are 1800ma and 7.4v Sent from my SlateDroid 1.3 using Tapatalk
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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