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Actions' PAD Product Tools (Developer Editions)



1.01.02 2012-12-25? (Use newer versions for Ainol firmwares)
1.02.02 2013-01-08? (Hero 4 nuclear upgrade tool)
1.02.03 2013-01-28?
1.02.04 2013-02-27?
1.04.01 2013-07-05?
1.05.02 2013-11-25 (automatic updates)
1.06.01 (test version. Install an older version, or just its drivers to use.)
1.06.02 2014-02-25
1.07.02 2014-04-22
1.08.01 2014-06-19 -
1.09.02 2015-02-05
1.09.03 (automatic update) 2015-04-22
1.09.04 (automatic update) 2015-06-04
1.09.05 (automatic update) 2015-06-15
Update from 1.07.02 to 1.09.02 and from 1.09.02 to 1.09.05 available also here

- - - - - - - - -

Actions' IH FW Burning Tools (PAD Product Tool's name changed V2.00 ->)

IH FW Burning Tool support the firmware file with extension ".fw" only!
That is, one file having ".fw" as extension.
So, do not update if you need to flash an older firmware that
consists of separate files (*.fw, misc.img, rec.img, system.img).

2.00.02 2015-07-21 (automatic update)
2.01.02 2015-08-10?
2.01.03 2015-08-17
2.02.01 2016-11-30 (automatic update, not public yet)

Version history
v2.02.01 2016-11-30 1) Solve bugs

v2.01.03 2015-08-17 1) Solve bugs 2) Support composite firmware

v2.00.02 2015-07-21 1) Support Intelligent Hardware and IOT platform, PAD solution compatible 2) Enter into development mode with startup argument '-developer'

v1.09.05 2015-06-15 1) Solve the bugs about FAT32 images

v1.09.04 2015-06-04 1) Solve the bugs about FAT32 images

v1.09.03 2015-04-22 1) Tooltip for USB power

v1.09.02 2015-02-05 1) Support 7059 series 2) Optimize production efficiency 3) Optimize the User Interface usability

v1.08.01 2014-06-19 1) Support MTP mode

v1.07.02 2014-04-22 1) Support BOX Solutions

v1.06.02 2014-02-25 1) Solve the bugs 2) Support compound firmware PRODUCTION and FLASH_ERASE forced to selected Hidden partitions settings All partitions will be programmed onto the device HDCP-KEY programmed together with the firmware only Support signed firmware verification (need the matched public key) Support making mass production card 3) Compatible the sparse firmware and images

v1.05.02 2013-11-25 1) Distinguish the basic and advanced settings 2) Match the partition images in the firmware directory automatically 3) Show the basic settings by default PRODUCTION and FLASH_ERASE are selected by default in advanced settings 4) Support the signed firmware Report error while the firmware is incomplete (missing public key or the signature file) Add verification process while matching the partition image Do not programmed if the firmware is incomplete 5) Upgrade self online 6) Update the Logo and help documentation

(Adfu drivers current version: 1.1.1309.4005)
- - - - - - - - -

For non-developers? (Better use a Developer Edition)


Pad End User Upgrade

- - - - - - - - -

For Linux

I. Download the firmware burning tool such as FWBurning Tool from:

wget In the command terminal, extract the archive file and install FWBurning Tool.
sudo tar -zxvf FWBurning_Tool_For_Linux_V1.0_01.tar.gz
cd FWBurning_Tool_For_Linux_V1.0_01
sudo ./FWBurningTool-1.0.runIII. Press and hold the software "ADFU" button, Connect to LeMaker Guitar via USB3.0/USB2.0 cable. When LeMaker Guitar is powered on, it will take about 6 seconds to enter ADFU mode. And then after it enters to the ADFU mode, we can release the software "ADFU" button. We can use the command "lsusb" to list the USB devices. If can't detects the USB device, please use the hardware "ADFU" button on core board to enter ADFU mode.
sudo lsusb
Bus 001 Device 002: ID 10d6:10d6 Actions Semiconductor Co., Ltd
…IV. Write the .fw file into eMMC NAND Flash.
sudo python ./ --fw=[firmware_name].fw

Mirrors for above RUN files

Some code from for writing img files.

def GetDebugConfig():
Debug mode support ADFU only

cfg = [];
# fw should be the first
fw = ('fw', 'D:\\Firmware\\702A\\restart\\jellybean_atm7029_10_a_130515.fw');
#fw = ('fw', '/home/pcsw/Firmware/jellybean_atm7029_10_a_130515.fw');
# more configurations
cfg.append(('PRODUCTION', '1'));
cfg.append(('FLASH_ERASE', '1'));
cfg.append(('FLASH_READ_CHECK', '1'));
#cfg.append(('PARTITION', '1|0|1|IMG|\n1|1|IMG|D:\\Firmware\\702A\\restart\\rec.img\n2|1|IMG|D:\\Firmware\\702A\\restart\\misc.img\n3|1|IMG|D:\\Firmware\\702A\\restart\\system.img\n4|1|FMT\n5|1|FMT\n'));
#cfg.append(('PARTITION', '1|0|1|IMG|\n1|1|IMG|/home/pcsw/Firmware/rec.img\n2|1|IMG|/home/pcsw/Firmware/misc.img\n3|1|IMG|/home/pcsw/Firmware/system.img\n4|1|FMT\n5|1|FMT\n'));

#cfg.append(('LIB_PATH', sys.path[0] + str(os.sep)));

#for c in cfg:
# print c;
#print '';

return cfg;

script = '/home/pcsw/caihaiqun/PRODUCTION C++/MainCmd/bin/';
product = '/home/pcsw/caihaiqun/PRODUCTION C++/MainCmd/bin/';
Production(script, product, 0, 1);

- - - - - - - - -

(if it says "Nothing found" just reload the download page)
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Actions PAD Firmware Modify Tools

Some Actions' programs I found from Baidu shares during the holidays.
There is many vendors who (unlike Ainol) share these tools there.

When Ainol released the source code, "小二黑, Xiao Erhei"
said that they have some plans to release some more stuff
(like this?) but I've heard nothing about it since then.

With "Pad Firmware Modify Tool" one can do the same things
(and more) that some of my packages do. For example it enables
re-partitioning like the partition patchers and the "Liberator" tool
(although they are lighter/more flexible).
And it also makes boot logo editing package obsolete now...
(when editing Actions' boot logos that is)
For boot.img editing one still might have to use something like my uImage un/repacker.

Anyway, it's a nice tool for stock ROM modders, etc...



V2.00 (test version)
V1.07 (automatic updates)
V1.10 2014-08-08
V1.12 2014-09-15
V1.13 2014-10-08
V1.15 2015-02-05
V1.16 2015-04-10
V1.22 2016-03-01 (beta)
V1.23 Current update... 2016-08-23 (beta)

V1.16: If some newer firmwares gs700+ don't open, edit
C:\Program Files\Actions\Pad Firmware Modify Tool\*\config\ProcessControl.ini


Version history
1)Support GS700D

1)Solve Vendor_Apk Setting 64bits apk for GS705A
2)Support GS705B

1)Solve GS705A dts problem
2)Solve a bug

1)Support mkbootfs (GS705A new CPIO packaging)
2)Solve a bug

1)Support GS705A
2)Solve a bug

1)Support Android 4.4.4
2)Solve a bug

1)According to the new specifications for file synchronization
2)To determine whether the ramdisk of crossing the line
3)Determine whether the partition space is not enough
4)Perfect display and modify the default language
5)Update help documentation

1)Supports SELinux functionality for CTS firmware(not including data partition)
2)Functional Optimization

(if it says "Nothing found" just reload the download page)

Tool uses adb drivers. They must be installed separately.

(Tip. Copy adb.exe from driver package to Modify program's "Tools" folder
and using them at the same time becomes much easier.)

If you find more Actions tools please post the links to this thread!
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Other tools from Actions

Pad Image Maker Tool


Make vendor partition images with your own bloatware easily.


- - - - - - - - -

Actions ATM702X Hardware Check Tool/Memory Scan Tools


Test that it isn't some hardware problem. Needs adfu (product tool) drivers installed.
Download ATM7029 v1.0:
Download ATM702X v1.2:
Download ATM702X v1.3:
Download ATM702X v2.0:

Questions? --> Guide in English, Google translated
Procedure :

1 electrical hardware devices ADFU let into the state , connect the USB to the PC side . If you have already installed the ADFU drive the properties shown below , if the display device or other property can not be identified , reinstall ADFU drive correctly.

2 Double-click on the main folder ATM7029_hardware_tools.exe, open the test interface is as follows :
  • Test item selection area
  • Green indicates normal ADFU devices connected
    Red means no device is connected to normal ADFU
  • Button to start the test
Check the items needed to test , the test is as follows :

(1) PMU_initial: The main control on the PMU chip configuration items , configuration master , DDR and SD card required power . If this does not pass , please focus on examination of the PMU 24M clock and SPI interface is OK. The option is mandatory .

(2) DDR_32bit_scan: scan 32bit bit wide DDR data and address lines of the interface. The right to return to full A, an error is returned full 5 0-3 last bit indicates byte0-3 returns an error , return 4 shows the address error, return 5 represents initialization failed. Below shows , which means that the DDR byte1 error.

(3) NAND_CE1 / 2 / / 3/0: NAND flash interface to scan items. According to the actual hardware configuration, select the corresponding CE items. CE is usually double check CE1, CE2, four CE , then the whole hook. Right will return all A, and flash the ID information.

(4) SD_card: The T card is used to detect connectivity interfaces , make sure T card is inserted properly .

(5) Audio: The test is the master data lost through an audio interface to PMU chip, while the output sine wave audio signal through headphones and speaker, can be used to detect abnormal audio path.

(6) HDMI: The test will output an image to the TV , make sure the HDMI cable connected properly .

4 Click the Start button to start the test .

- - - - - - - - -

Pad Card Writer Tool V1.01


Make bootable SD cards. Don't ask me how.

But please tell me how if you know.
Space for instructions... :rolleyes:


Chinese instructions:
SD card package for Hero2:

For some reason erasing flash didn't work for me. It might be that the boot device must be changed to SD card??
In some package it was done in afi.cfg like this (haven't tested)

// Boot Device
// 0x00 - NAND
// 0x20 - SD0
// 0x21 - SD1
// 0x22 - SD2
INF_AFI_DEF_BYTE = 0x08,0x20; // sd0

- - - - - - - - -

- - - - - - - - -

- - - - - - - - -

- - - - - - - - -

- - - - - - - - -

More tools will be here...
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thank you... now how it works


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yeah great work on these.
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5. Click "Clone" item.

"Clone" operation will clone all setup information in the equipment terminal, including APK installed by user, default bookmark/home in web browser, desktop interface layout, and system settings to the new firmware (saved in file of data.img)

Clone procedures:

Step 1: before click "Clone", check and set up all the contents desired to be cloned (such as default language, time zone, default input method, desktop layout) in your device;

Step 2: shut down the checked and modified device in normal manner (to ensure the modification in the above step (if any) to be cloned, please always do this operation);

Step 2: start up the device and connect it to the PC with USB debugging (if the "Clone" button is highlighted, it indicates a successful connection);

Step 3: click "Clone" button to start clone operation;

Step 4: finally, "Save" in the firmware.

After "Save" in the firmware, two files cloned in formats of data.img and data_bak.img respectively will be available in the firmware. In the mass production of the firmware, please select both data.img and data_bak.img and write them to the device.


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Do you understand how to clone??
I would be glad of any help
Clone - is to keep the current firmware that you now stands on the tablet??
It clones the data partition apps from the device, and their settings,
and makes a flashable img file. Also data_bak partition is made,
which if you do factory reset using stock recovery restores the data
partition back to the default. Like the guide says...
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Do you understand how to clone??
I would be glad of any help
Press [?] for mht guide.
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CXZ, I am sorry: I read the Help guide and I located the USB DRV_4 file and tried to install it. I went through all three of the options under it. I have USB debugging on. I can see the tablet under the PAD Product Tool, but NOT under the Firmware Modify Tool. I cannot get the Clone button to turn on. I am trying with an Ainol 8 Discovery.

What am I missing? Can you detail what you did to be able to use the clone function? Please excuse the bother, but I have to install the same ROM on 20 different tablets and this would help me immensely. Yes, I tried using TWRP, but you need to have the same serial number on the folder containing your Restore files as the tablet has. It is just too complicated. And there is no Clockwork Mod for the Discovery yet, so, this tool would solve it for me.

Thank you in advance.
Have you opened the fw file first? (sorry have to ask, any fw file should be ok)

Doesn't the CWM work in Discovery. To my knowledge it should work.
Greetings,CXZ, and thank you for the prompt reply. Yes, I did open an FW file with the tablet plugged in to the PC and USB debugging turned on. I had the FW file data visible, the tablet plugged in, USB debugging on and the clone button still unlit.

Please do not apologize, ask anything, however obvious, I well know how any nonsensical detail can get missed and spoil everything.

Did you install any drivers on your PC? Any separate drivers, different somehow? For the ADB bit?

The CWM File you were kind enough to link works perfectly. I am making a Backup as we speak and will restore it unto the other tablets.

Thank you for it, indeed.

However, the matter remains of successfully cloning a tablet using the software you found for us. I hope you can give us a hand with this. A guide detailing how you did it or similar. I do not know if it has to do with installing different USB drivers for the ADB connection. Did you do that?

Also, I just noticed that you are the author of this fantastic CWM version you provided me with. Thank you for solving my immediate problem and giving me a good morning after a terrible day yesterday dealing with this.

Do let me know if I can donate, please.

Thank you again.
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>Did you install any drivers on your PC? Any separate drivers, different somehow? For the ADB bit?

Yes, adb drivers must be installed separately.
So here is again the link:

>CWM version

Nope, I'm just the author of the installer.
The author of it is bnmguy.


Sorry, I don't take donations, but if you (or anybody else) want to support firmware
development for example Christian Troy has good use for them. (maybe bnmguy too?)
(if you make one then please tell it's for atm7029 tabs)
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So 1.05 won't work with all firmwares, just only the new ones?
So 1.05 won't work with all firmwares, just only the new ones?
Hi cloud. Yes, that's correct. the older Roms get flashed with the older tools. The new ROMs get the newer tool. This latest ROM gets the 1.05

Sometimes I have to un install one version and install another to flash a ROM. if the ROM won't flash- and you know you're doing it right - the first place to look is the version of tablet tool you're using.
I have donated to Christian Troy in the past. He is awesome. I am sure you received my PMs. I am all for continuing on this. If we can give a detailed cloning guide, I think it will be very useful.

I say "we" but you are doing most everything!
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